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My Story

It has been a running family joke, as long as I can remember, that I am from the Moon. My mom has always called me her Moon Child, and my brothers tease that I am not from this planet. I recently took a DNA test, twice, to only be told I did not have enough DNA to be analyzed. I really am from the moon!

I have always been drawn to the moon and the stars, and when I discovered my passion for making beautiful, hand crafted lollipops, the shape just felt like home. Luna was the perfect name to allude to the stunning, unique lollipops that I create. Each one is different, just like the view of the moon to each and every single different person. No matter where you are in the world, you can look up to the moon, and know that your loved ones are seeing the same moon, just a different view. Unique. Beautiful. Comforting. Just like each LunaLollipop.

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